Looking to properly onboard new clients and prepare them for working with you? 

Many business owners get stuck on creating something beautiful to welcome new clients into their world.  

Wasting hours searching through myriads of Canva templates with the aim of finding the perfect template to help them with the design side of things.  

And then spending some more time trying to figure out how to actually fit what they want to communicate into that Canva template.   

If you are ready to stop overthinking this and want to get it done already, then you are in the right place!

This Welcome Document Template will help you create a welcome documents that's: 

> highly functional, 

> easy to customise, 

> and even easier to stay on top of. 

The best part? 

You can share it with your clients with just one click!

So that you can welcome them into your world as soon as they purchase your services ---> promptly reassuring your new clients they've made the right decision about working with you!

With this template in your toolbox, you'll be able to:

  • capture all the information that you used to share verbally or via email - all in one place, 

  • set the right expectations for working with you from the very start of your working relationship,

  • coherently lay out your approach and all the other details of working with you, including responsibilities of both you and your clients,

  • stop overthinking what to include in your welcome document and be guided through the process instead,

  • easily customise the template and add your own branding and style.

Ready to stop overthinking your onboarding processes and finally get it done?

No Canva template needed.

This Google Document template with my guidance on what to put in and how to customise it, is all you need to enhance your client onboarding experience and impress your newly gained clients right at the door!


Get your Welcome Document Template below. 

Jana Krizanova
Hey, I'm Jana - A Client Experience Strategist and the creator of this template.

I get to geek out on a daily basis about how to make serving your clients as easy as possible for you, and super delightful for your clients. So that they remember you for all the right reasons and feel inspired to share their experiences with the world!  

This template was born out of one of those geeking-out sessions and is designed to help you delight your clients right at the start of their journey with you. - Get it below .

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Complete your onboarding process with this New Client Intake Form. 

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This "New Client Intake form" (built on Airtable) is perfect for gathering information about your clients at the start of their journey with you - the necessary piece of puzzle needed to track the transformation you help them achieve.

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Got questions? 

Email me at: jana@janakrizanova.com to get your answers.


"In the past, I just would slowly, verbally onboard clients and orient them to where info would be stored throughout our process. 

It worked, but it wasn't the most efficient (or client-friendly) way of going about it.

The welcome document template was incredibly helpful!

I was able to customize the template and add my own style. I was able to capture all the information that I used to share verbally in one place AND I had space to lay out my approach, guidance around working together, and responsibilities of both client and consultant.

It will be invaluable to return to throughout a consulting process and will greatly enhance the client's experience. "

Erin Allgood
Allgood Strategies
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