Overwhelmed with how to communicate with multiple clients effectively and efficiently?

We've all experienced it... group programs and memberships with information about 'where to find what' scattered all over the place...  

  • Content on Teachable / Podia / Kajabi / Learn etc., 
  • Information about other members on a dedicated web page, 
  • Links to upcoming events sent out via email, 
  • Members' communication happening on Slack / Heartbeat / Circle etc. 

...the scattered information confusing the hell out of everyone, messing up with your engagement, and adding up to a not-so-great experience for everyone involved.


If the overthinking of how to communicate with multiple clients effectively and efficiently is keeping you from moving forward with groups and memberships, then this template is perfect for you!
The Welcome Document template for memberships will: 

  • Help you tame the overwhelm,
  • Help you navigate through the thoroughness of options, 
  • Provide directions and examples right in the document, 
  • Gently guide you through the template's application to your business.

So you can:

  • Properly welcome new clients into your program, and 
  • Give them all the information they need, 
  • Without confusing them (or yourself), in the process.


Are you ready...

  • To stop the overthinking?

  • To make it easier for yourself?

  • To get clear on what to include in your welcome document and what to leave out?

  • To quieten your Inner Critic with a document that you can edit and add to easily whenever you feel the need? 

Time to make it easier for yourself AND less confusing for your members by keeping all that precious information in one place.

And that's exactly what this Welcome Document template helps you achieve!  

  One document for you to keep up-to-date. ---> No need to remember to update all the places where your information lives each time you make an


  One document for your members to check, no matter what they might be looking for. ---> So that they're no longer confused or frustrated with navigating

their way around your program!

  One document to rule them all - My preciousss!!!

Get your template below. 

Jana Krizanova
Hi, Jana here - Client Experience Strategist and the creator of this template.

I get to geek out on a daily basis about how to make serving your clients as easy as possible for you, and super delightful for your clients. This template is a result of one of those geeking-out sessions. Designed to make your new members feel truly welcomed and at home in your membership from day one.

Get your template below.

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Got questions? 

Email me at: jana@janakrizanova.com to get your answers.

What others are saying:

"For longer than I would like to admit I had been putting off starting a group membership. Using excuses like not having the paperwork necessary. 

Jana’s Welcome Document Template forced me to stop making excuses! 

Easy to use with both steps by step directions and examples, I had a working Welcome Document up and running in less than an hour."

Lynn Dutrow
Author, Advisor, Coach 
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