This form is your opportunity to start gathering information on your new clients at the start of their journey with you, so that you know where they were before starting working with you and what transformation they were able to achieve during your time together.

What's included:

  • An immediate access to the New Client Intake Template built in Airtable.

  • New Client Intake Form that's been strategically designed to help you get to know your clients, and better understand their needs, wants, and expectations; which in turn empowers you to manage those expectations from the get-go. Some other questions in there will also provide you with insights into how to communicate what you help with to the world - using your ideal clients’ exact words to do the talking for you.

  • Accompanying mini-course with short and actionable videos & written notes that'll guide you through importing the template, customising it to your specific needs, and using it to collect information from your clients.

Using airtable magic, I'll show you how to use this template to:

  • Easily ask your new clients for the information you need from them, 
  •  Automatically gather their responses, 
  •  Tag, sort, and organise the received information, 
  •  So that you can improve on how you serve your clients, 
  •  As well as how you market to other ideal clients just like them - strategically using your existing clients' words in your marketing. 
  •  I'll also show you how to file all that precious data in a way that you can sustainably keep up with going forward.

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What others are saying:

"I love how simple and easy it is to not only use the New Client Intake Form, but how customizable it is without losing any of its functionality. 

I no longer feel like I'm missing something or dropping the ball as I onboard new clients.

Having all of my client information in one place is a game changer."


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