Ready to tame your frustration?

If you are ready to get over with never knowing where to find logins for things you've invested in, things like: Online courses, workshops, checklists, etc., then... 

You are in the right place! 

The Knowledge Bank will help you finally get all your shit together in one place!

Just imagine having all of the below stored and organised in one place: 

  • All your courses, and other learning resources, including freebies. 
  • Organised by topics and easily searchable. 
  • Course notes and action lists all in one place. 
  • Cross-linked to the resource creators database, so you can see at a glance everything else you’ve got from people you love learning from. 
  • One place to also track whether you are already an affiliate with them, 
  • One place to easily find and grab your affiliate links from. 
  • One place to keep track of all the places where you want to share your knowledge too. Podcasts, Bundles, Summits, you name it.


Specific views to help you: 

  • Never miss an application deadline again. 
  • Keep track of anything you applied for, so you can keep up with the application process and everything that's needed of you as part of it.
  • Become a dream-to-work-with podcast guest, bundle contributor, or summit speaker!

Get your Knowledge Bank below. 

Jana Krizanova
(Creator of the Knowledge Bank)

Hi, my name's Jana, and I'm a Client Experience Strategist. 

I'm also the creator of the Knowledge Bank and someone who gets to geek out on a daily basis about 

how to improve experiences online business owners have whilst running their businesses and serving their clients. 

The Knowledge Bank has been created to help with an area that frustrates so many of you! - Keeping track of what you bought, how to log into it, keeping track of your progress and notes for courses, as well as your applications to bundles, summits, podcasts, etc. - All in one place!

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Email me at: to get your answers.

What others are saying:

After hitting some hidden tipping point, I had become so frustrated with attempting to keep track of courses, logins, websites, and the details related to digital products, that I found myself becoming resistant to purchasing anything new.  

Jana's Knowledge Bank template has changed my tune! 

Now that I have an easy and customizable space to keep all of my digital details, I feel like I can utilize the courses I have, am open to purchasing new ones, and I'm actually excited to apply to be on more podcasts now that I have a way to keep myself organized throughout the process!

Lynn Dutrow

Compassionate Ass-Kicker
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