Level Up Your Guesting Game with

Guesting Headquarters

The Ultimate Airtable Organiser for online business owners looking to expand their reach and increase their visibility through guesting on podcasts, speaking at summits, and contributing to bundles.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and disorganised when it comes to managing your guesting game?

Ready to say goodbye to scattered notes, missed deadlines, and those nagging thoughts of 'Did I follow up with that podcast/summit/bundle host'?

Just imagine...

Having all your guesting-related information stored, and organised in one place!

No longer having to keep all the dates and deadlines in your head!

Being able to see at a glance all you need to take care of next!

Being always on top of your guesting to-do lists, never missing a deadline again and becoming the dream-to-work-with-guest every host will love to work with again!
Get ready to take your guesting game to the next level with this easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution for entrepreneurs who want to effortlessly manage their guesting opportunities like a pro.
 Tame the overwhelm

Easily stay on top of your guesting to-do lists

Know exactly what to provide and when 

Deliver your expertise in a timely manner

Build positive guest-host relationships in the process
All the while... 

You're actively building a robust bank of all the pieces of expertise you've been sharing with the world,

Effortlessly growing your authority over time!
"While I like to think that I am fairly organized in my life and business, digitally things had started getting overwhelming and making me feel like I was wasting too much time searching for shit rather than getting better shit done.

Jana's template has changed my tune!

Rather than spending time searching for links, logins, and lists I know exactly where to find them and have saved myself so much time and energy. I actually feel confident and excited to pursue more podcast interviews with such an easy way to keep track of the process."
Lynn Dutrow
Coach, Author, Compassionate Ass-Kicker and a Happy Client

Hi, I'm Jana - a Business Experience Strategist who gets to geek out about how to improve experiences for online business owners like you.

I created Guesting Headquarters to help my clients deal with an area that frustrated them so much - How to keep on top of applying to bundles, summits, and podcasts, and capitalising on that shared expertise again and again, with ease!

Guesting Headquarters is more than just a tool. It’s a game-changer. It helps you maintain your sanity whilst managing the sheer number of tasks and deadlines involved in guesting.

If managing multiple guesting opportunities simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed is what you want as well --> then get your new, shiny Guesting Headquarters below.

If managing multiple guesting opportunities simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed is what you want as well → then get your new, shiny Guesting Headquarters below.

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One place to keep track of everything you're learning from (courses, workshops, etc.), PLUS, all the places you contribute your knowledge to (podcasts, summits, bundles). One powerful database to rule them all! My preciousss...
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