Easy Feedback Gathering & Organisation Toolkit

Ready to stop losing your client feedback in the abyss of your computer, and scrambling to get suitable new testimonials in just minutes before your next launch?  

Use this proven system to effortlessly ask for, receive, organise, and quickly turn your client feedback (and/or testimonials) into a valuable asset that boosts your reputation, attracts more ideal clients, and helps you make more sales!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have all your client feedback in one place so that you can promptly act on it whenever you need to?

Save yourself hours of googling how to structure your feedback forms, what to even ask on them, what tools to use to gather feedback from your clients, and how to best organise it for searchability and usability…

Instead, implement this easy-to-use, plug-and-play system (built in Airtable) and make client feedback a hassle-free, informative part of your business strategy.

Using Airtable magic, I'll show you how to use this proven system to:

Easily ask your customers for feedback and/or testimonials

Automatically gather their responses

Tag, sort, and organise all received information

So that you can improve on how you serve your clients

Strategically use your clients’ words in your marketing

And attract more ideal clients to your world as a result

Even if you've never used Airtable before. - I'll show you how!

Four Easy Steps to Get It Done

Learn the strategy behind getting the right type of feedback & testimonials from your clients.

Implement my plug-and-play system & customise it to your unique business needs.

Adjust the pre-made feedback forms to ask your  customers about their experiences with you.

Receive & use your clients’ words to improve your offers, attract more business & sell more of your stuff!

Step-by-step instructions + video tutorials included!

An all-in-one system to gather, make sense of, and take action on your client feedback and testimonials.

A robust, searchable database to quickly find the exact testimonials you need, whenever you need them.

Finally, a streamlined and repeatable process that allows you to strategically use your clients’ words to improve your offerings, strengthen your messaging, attract more ideal clients to your world, and make more sales!

...all for only €97!

Ready to tackle the overwhelm of client feedback gathering and organisation once and for all?

What you get with your purchase:

The strategy behind getting the right type of feedback & testimonials from your customers/clients.

A plug-and-play Airtable template that’s at the heart of your new streamlined system that allows you to easily ask for, receive, and actually use your clients’ words to strengthen your messaging, improve your offerings, and sell more of your stuff to your ideal clients.

Step-by-step instructions and video tutorials on how to customise the template to your specific business needs.

Pre-made feedback and testimonial forms ready to share with your customers.

A streamlined way to capture your client testimonials, and quickly turn them into social proof.

A snapshot view of opportunities to enhance your marketing and improve your offerings.

A robust, yet easy-to-use Airtable dashboard that empowers you to make client feedback a hassle-free, informative part of your business strategy.

Plus these bonuses...
BONUS Number one

Need some extra support and accountability to get your Easy Feedback Gathering & Organisation system implemented in your business? No problem. Join us for the free weekly co-working sessions and get it done in a company of fellow online business owners.

BONUS Number two

You'll also get direct access to me to ask any questions you might have around customising your brand new feedback gathering system to your specific needs. That’s what the office hours are for.


Included: Feedback form template, testimonial form template, sample questions - everything you might need to easily ask your past and present customers about their experiences working with you.

Ready to implement this proven, streamlined, and easy-to-use feedback gathering and organisation system in your business?


“Thanks to Jana, I now have a system in place for getting testimonials that utilizes the magic of Airtable to gather it all in one place for me!”

Charlene Gethons
Happy Customer

“...It [the system] streamlines the process and makes it so much easier to both collect and find my testimonials so that I can actually use them in my marketing materials.”


Delilah O.
Happy Customer

"The course is laid out well and easy to follow, both the copy and the videos! It really helped me feel more confident to reach out to clients for feedback."

Lynn Dutrow
Happy Customer

Hey, I'm Jana! 

Business Experience Strategist who loves geeking out about how to make serving your clients as easy and streamlined as possible for you, and really delightful for your clients. - So that they remember you for all the right reasons and feel inspired to share their experiences with the world!  

Ready to start using your clients’ delightful feedback about working with you?  

Use this proven Easy Feedback Gathering & Organisation system to quickly turn your clients' feedback into a valuable asset that can boost your reputation, attract more business, and keep your existing customers coming back for more. 

The easy-breezy way.

Questions you might be asking yourself right now...
  • I have never used Airtable - is this a good fit for me?
    Absolutely! You'll receive a comprehensive course with step-by-step instructional videos to help you customise the Airtable template to your needs, making the implementation easy and enjoyable. (Warning: You might end up falling in love with Airtable as part of the process too!)
  • Is Airtable free to use?
    Yes, the free Airtable account is all you need to implement and use this all-in-one system in your business.
  • What if I already have feedback forms elsewhere? Will the system still work for me?
    Yes, you can integrate your existing feedback forms with Airtable, but it may require extra time and expertise. I can help with these integrations and adjustments and build a customised-system for you through my Client Voices Amplified service.

  • I take a lot of screenshots of customer feedback shared on social media but struggle to keep them organized. Will this system help?
    Yes, absolutely! There's a lesson on how to add, organise, and make screenshots from social media easily searchable in your Airtable database.
  • As a multi-passionate business owner with many offers, will I need to manually organise feedback for each one?
    Not at all! The system will automatically organise the feedback for you.

You are ready to bring your latest creation to the world...

All you need now is a couple of perfectly worded testimonials to use on your shiny new sales page. Wishfully thinking you had the time, or a system in place to promptly get the new ones in – and to get them in fast!

Or a system that would help you quickly locate and scan through all those testimonials you’ve received in the past… surely, there are some suitable ones in there you could repurpose for this new offer of yours. If only you could figure out where all those past testimonials ended up…

Why is it that you can never locate the right ones easily when you need them the most?!

Well, now you can....

Harness the immense potential of your client feedback - the easy way!

Without spending hours doing the research, procrastinating on getting anything done, and staying in the same position until the next time you need that perfectly worded testimonial to strengthen your marketing efforts.

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  • 1xEasy Feedback€97

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